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An American Love Story in Spanish

A recent feature about our latest single, Mamacita, off Latin Music Blog, WeedRadio. *English translation below.

"Mamacita" is a song originally written in English, but translated into Spanish. It is based on a real life experience of a friend Derrick Martínez who was living in Puerto Rico at the time when he met a young woman who was on vacation from the United States.

Based on a true story and mostly in Spanish, Mamacita is a fun reggaeton song inspired by a Puerto Rico/Mainland US love connection that captures the fun, flirtatious spirit of summer flings. Easy to sing along with and hard to forget, it will definitely fit into rotation along with other popular songs in the genre.

The lyrics are simple, but also fun to sing along with a very catchy hook of "Mamacita," which is an endearment that locals might say to someone they're close to or attracted to. This song can take you back to when you were a young teenager finding love. Enjoy the local flavor of the Caribbean with a sweet and catchy chorus.

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